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Experience the Transformation with Heather Reseck by VeggieMakeovers
My goal is to help you revitalize your health and energy, as well as optimize your time in the kitchen.

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Cooking Smarter, Not Harder

Cooking Smarter, Not Harder I love simple recipes. And quick ones too. Especially when my stomach is growling and I don't have any planned-overs in the refrigerator. Planned-overs? Yes! I like to plan ahead and cook extra so that I have leftovers. Also called batch...

A Salad Solution

  True Confession: I am lazy when it comes to making salads. That's why I love prewashed salad greens, sturdy salads, and the convenience of salad kits. A popular salad available at Costco, Trader Joe's, and most grocery stores is a variation of a broccoli slaw....

A Surprising Anti-Inflammatory Food

For Independence Day, I wanted to capitalize on red, white, and blue, so I made a smoothie with strawberries, frozen banana, coconut milk (actually the watery liquid left after making whipped coconut cream), and blackberries (almost blue). Because I also included a...

Avocado Dressing

Avocado  Dressing Use this versatile dressing to add flavor and creaminess to tacos or bean and rice bowls. Or use it as a dip for vegetables, a salad dressing, or serve it over pasta or spiralized zucchini. 1 large ripe avocado ½  cup water 3...